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Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects on Digital Health Technologies to Address a Medical Need

The EKFZ supports medical-technological Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects (IIP_MedTech) mainly in the fields of robotics & coworking, sensors, implants & devices and connected care. IIP funds are institutional seed funds designed to quickly build new collaborations and test new ideas of physicians and high-tech specialists. IIPs support the road to a “proof-of-concept” that allows these teams to go on to acquire third-party or industry funds to translate their ideas into clinical practice.

The funding will help to develop a novel generation of tech-savvy clinician scientists on campus within the Dresden School of Clinical Science. Therefore, a convincing commitment of a Clinician Scientist and the host clinical institution are central to the IIP concept. The participation of high-tech talents is also very welcome.

The cooperation with the partners and associated members of the EKFZ are highly encouraged.

IIPs are an open instrument, an IIP is coordinated by two PIs; An experienced clinician and a high-tech specialist. The clinician needs a scientific track record in the respective field at the University Hospital Dresden / Faculty of Medicine representing the medical need and needed clinical mentorship. The high-tech specialist of the TU Dresden, one of the Fraunhofer institutes IWS, IWU, FEP, IKTS, IPMS, of the HZDR/NCT/UCC Dresden and/or a Leibniz-Institute brings outstanding expertise and technologies into the IIP.

Annually there is one call, in each round we fund up to three new projects with excellent scientific quality, high originality and demonstrable clinical relevance. A committee of internal and external experts reviews all applications and makes recommendations to the steering committee, who makes the final decisions.

The Call 2022 is currently open, deadline is July 10, 2022. Please find the call, all needed templates and additional information here:

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