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Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects Addressing Health Economic Aspects of Digital Health Technologies

In addition to the project funding lines for medical-technological Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects (IIP_MedTech) and Interdisciplinary Innovation Projects with a focus on the humanities and social sciences (IIP_Social) the EKFZ for Digital Health also supports projects with a focus on health economics (IIP_ Economic). The increasing opportunities of the digitisation for medicine require an increased interdisciplinary consideration of digital health from an economic, business and methodological perspective.

These projects contribute to a successful implementation of new digital health technologies into routine care. They consider topics such as demand orientation, user centricity and added-value of digital health solutions.

The IIP_Economic grants are start-up funds, which help to quickly establish new cooperation and to acquire additional funding. The networking and establishment of new project teams, consisting of physicians and experts from the health economics, is a priority. The aim is to kick-start top-class scientific projects that can demonstrate a clear perspective, e.g. for networked DFG funding of the thematic priority on campus.

Cooperation with the non-university partners of the EKFZ (Dresden Fraunhofer Institutes, Helmholtz Centre Dresden-Rossendorf, NCT/UCC Dresden) is possible.